Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And So The Truth Comes Out...

Whoever said that the government only lies? Sometimes they accidently manage to tell the truth too.

On the website of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you will find a special notice for owners of vehicles which have the old "Liberty" plates.

NYS DMV - Vehicle Registration - Important Information About Your Vehicle Plates
If you have Liberty plates Liberty plate on your vehicle, you must replace the Liberty plates with Empire State plates Empire State plate.

You cannot use the Liberty plates on any vehicle in NYS:
  • The Empire State plates have replaced the Liberty plates.
  • You can get a traffic ticket if you drive or park a vehicle that has Liberty plates instead of Empire State plates.
Liberty replaced with Empire, where have we heard this before?

Many thanks to the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles for this great service of raising the
public's awareness, however unintended.


jk said...


vergelimbo said...

"From Liberty to Empire!"
Great Title for the upcoming ACLU court battle vs the US Government.
I stumblinked [my newest neoligism] across your page while looking up other neologisms for my article: "Bystanding Neologist Killed in Crossfire" on www.vergelimbo.com.
I think you would enjoy it...I have read several of your articles... "A perfect balance of astute cynicsm and satirical humor".
Mine are likeminded.