Saturday, January 20, 2007


Holy crap- one of my favorite authors- George R.R. Martin has just signed a deal with HBO giving them rights to produce his "Ice and Fire" series. I'm seriously hoping that his books will gracefully survive the treatment to this newfangled audiovisual media device.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

beyond the grave

(what might be an inappropriate title based on something you will read shortly)

In a very personal spell of synchronicity or perhaps merely coinci-dance, I've just finished off Robert Anton Wilson's "Email to the Universe". At the near end of the book, it recounts an interview from 2002 with Paul Krassner that ends with this:
Paul Krassner: Recently, when I spoke at a college campus, a student asked what I wanted my epitaph to be. I replied, "Wait, I'm not finished." What do you want your epitaph to be?

Robert A. Wilson: I have ordained in my will that my body will get cremated and the ashes thrown in Jerry Falwell's face. The executor of my will should then shout one word only: "Gotcha!"
Since this book is classified as non-fiction, I patiently await Reverend Falwell's decoration by a guerrilla ontologist.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

R.A.W., R.I.A.

With much gloominess, I learn of Robert Anton Wilson's transcendence from his mortal coil.

R.A.W. will be sorely missed by all, to use clich├ęd verbiage, and fnord I not-so-humbly offer my sincerest condolences to his family, close friends, and all his extended readership who are all surely saddened by his passing.

Kallisti, rest in anarchy.

petty potty patrol psychotics

What happens when busybody lawmakers prohibit food establishments from having their sole restroom located behind the counter?

According to The Brooklyn Paper's Gersh Kuntzman [is that even a real name??]:
...But not any more, because Roma ripped out half of its seats rather than fight a law that requires restaurants with more than 19 seats to “provide toilet facilities for the public.”

And “public” means that the crapper can’t be in the food-preparation area because the dirty, filthy public (again, I’m not talking about myself here) is not legally allowed to be in the food-preparation area — except in restaurants with fewer than 20 seats, apparently.

So Roma now has only 16 seats — and the bathroom remains behind the counter. The result? I still have to ask the counterman to let me go into the kitchen to use the can — and now I can never find a seat at my neighborhood pizzeria!

Don't you love the unintended consequences of road paving to hell (i.e., all lawmaking)- it also manages to create hell on the way there too.