Tuesday, July 26, 2005

shameless promotion

For the 2, maybe 3 readers of this humble blog, I'd like to refer you to my latest other blog. Don't worry about my blogging fidelity, I'm still here to rant on anarcho-capitalism, books, and tech. I only need the other blog to vent my frustration over a certain matter which I can't seem to get rectified.

The other blog is here: http://antimarketeer.blogspot.com but don't let the URL fool you; the blog is titled:

"I hate the Newsday Marketeer"

Over there, I will follow up with my efforts to stop a local advertisement publisher from littering their crap on my private property. For the meantime I posted a mission statement detailing why I am against this practice from a legal and ethical standpoint.

Have a look-see, even if the words "Newsday Marketeer" don't mean anything to you.

1 comment:

Vache Folle said...

I am with you. I can't tell you how many times I have had to pick up trash from my yard that is deposited as a free newspaper.