Monday, November 07, 2005

lack of a wisdom tooth makes me think harder

After having an impacted wisdom tooth extracted today, I want to go down on the record calling on future genealogists to screen out the genetic information which leads to the formation of these painful removables. Hopefully within a few generations the human race can erase this legacy.

Short of "gene therapy", which for the meanwhile I suppose is relegated strictly to the realm of science fiction, is the normal mode of procreation sufficient to ensure the offspring a less painful adulthood? Meaning, will it be necessary to have any genetic-screened pregnancy stem through an in vitro process or can it be accomplished au naturale?

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Vache Folle said...

We could just prevent people with wisdom teeth from reproducing. I, too, am an evolutionary throwback who had to have the last molars extracted, but I have not passed on my genes in the hope that my toothiness, and other defects, will fade from the gene pool.