Sunday, January 29, 2006

Constitution?! What constitution?

Some anonymous fellow left me a comment saying how I'm wrong about the eminent domain issue going on in Brooklyn.

when the state abuses its powers, its wrong. period.

Geez, the state is a criminal organization; is there a legitimate instance when its power is not an abuse? If you do think so, that is like saying the mafia has a legitimate business of killing rival gang members.
the use of eminent domain for Ratner's project is unConstitutional (that will be shown in court) and immoral (that has been shown for more than two years now)
I'm sorry, there is something called a constitution? I wasn't aware of any contracts that I agreed to abide by.

Has this constitution contract protected any property owners lately? So why do you prostrate your life before it like its your supreme being?

Why do you continue to foster any significance to it in face of everything it is being used to abuse? Why do you think that the judiciary, whom after all are political appointees will rule in your favor against the politicians who put them in power?

So who is the sane one here? The anarchist, or the guy who thinks if we just fight hard enough, the criminals will really, really care about the little guys this time.

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