Thursday, June 08, 2006

back, with extra gadgety goodness

I just got back from a wonderful two week vacation to Israel, with quite a number of insights I have never appreciated before. I am not quite ready to explain myself, but I hope to some other time.

In the meanwhile I thought it worth sharing my wonderful experience with a digital picture frame from Philips. After scouring through tens of Amazon customer reviews, dozens of manufacturer and reseller websites, numerous e-text specification manuals, I have come to the conclusion that the Philips 7-inch Digital Picture Frame w/Clear Frame was my best solution.

In all regards that I considered important; clarity (higher screen resolution), great color reproduction, screen size, capabilities, and product aesthetic, I believe that ex ante post these considerations have been well met by this product. Although this particular model was a bit pricier than its competitors, the tradeoff in those aforementioned qualities was worth more to me than the difference in price.

The best part about all this was yet to come. After my wife and I arrived home from the airport, I picked up the digital frame from my parents where it was shipped to, slapped in a memory stick fresh with vacation pictures, and set it up in our kitchen, playing back a montage of these very recent memories, much to my wife's very suprised delight.

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