Thursday, July 27, 2006

the ADA is addled

I love to read Greg Perry's articles, and still would even if he weren't born handicapped, as he lovingly calls himself. All this courtesy of a man born with three stubby fingers, one leg, a dazzling intellect and an even bigger heart.
In a brochure written for business owners, the ADA states, "It is illegal to segregate people with disabilities in one area by designating it as an accessible area to be used only by people with disabilities." By their very own words, no accessible area can be segregated solely for use by the handicapped.

Why don’t you test how little the ADA’s authors meant this; park in a handicapped parking space some time without a permit.

So no area can be designated as a handicapped area because doing so would segregate (and separate) the disabled. Yet virtually every aspect of the Americans with Disabilities Act does just that. The ADA’s entire massive collection of rules and regulations states how areas must be changed, marked, and separated for those with disabilities. The very specifications of the ADA violate its own statement against segregation. Nobody cares.

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