Thursday, August 10, 2006

aborting the offspring of a violated gaia

I'd like to praise those who favor unmitigated abortion, and the coerced conservation of natural resources for their intellectual consistency.

For if one believes that society has a duty to preserve the natural resources of the earth so that we can ensure the future sustainability of human society, they must also want to reduce the total amount of possible future users. The fact that they are pro-violence when it comes to conservation should mean they have nothing to balk at when it comes to fetal extirpation. It is indeed praiseworthy of them to then refuse to have children who would further be burden upon and consume these precious resources.

The argument for coercive conservation lies on the premise that there is an existent duty of justice, which requires that all society members leave over enough resources to all unborn, potential offspring. If suppose they base this premise on Lockean Proviso, they might want to start liquidating human beings whom consume "more than their fair share" just to be morally consistent. After all, it's these damn, unnatural humans ruining nature, unlike other sentient beings that inhabit this environment, and whose movements are not seen as a subversion of nature.

Some groups have already made this final step towards a balanced stewardship of resources such as China with their "One Child" policy. It's wonderful to know that they perform forced abortions and sterilizations, after all, we can't all be greedy little pigs, eh?

I suppose that these same people can't be advocates of dialectal materialism, because what difference would it make to a purposeless machine or a collective of automatons if they would be adequately supplied with resources to operate in the future? Then again, they could possibly answer that we are programmed to think it does make a difference and are being 100% natural to continue operating according to this ingrained nature. It also leaves them with a question of why they would voluntarily choose existence over non-existence, but this is where my head starts hurting from existential exercises.

Therefore praise be heaped upon those who force gaia's legs shut and help stop the human pestilence from consuming the world!

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