Monday, September 25, 2006


I was coming out of the F train on the NW corner of 63rd St, when I heard, rather than saw the accident occur. I then heard someone excitedly yell "He's stabbing him!!" and I looked over as the perp exited his vehicle from the passenger side, and brandishing a knife, starting chasing the cop who was approaching the car door.

Seconds later I see mace spray arcing wildly in the air as the cops retreat from the knife-wielding thug, and a moment later, I hear three gunshots ring out.

The crowd which moments before was gathered around at the corner dispered suddenly, some of them ducking to the ground, most of them running up the block.

And 20 seconds after it all began, there were people who began crying in the street, hugging fellow strangers for moral support.

I'm forever changed.

-1010 WINS

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