Friday, July 06, 2007

ministry of sacrament

In NYC, and I think throughout the tri-state area, the mere possession of fireworks is a punishable offense. As far back as I remember, come July the cops and officials make heady pronouncements as to the danger of non-professionally administered fireworks. Accompanying these PSAs are graphic depictions of those horribly mutilated and disfigured by firework displays gone awry and trumpeted as viceral propaganda to sway those who casually think to disobey the law.

I reckon I know why illegal pyrotechnics are so important to them-- the brazen audacity that the plebes must have to think they can administer the sacrament to the Holy Church of Statehood. The secular priests will have none of this.

I suppose that in some aspects its better this way; perhaps more folks will be disillusioned about the false gods they serve if they are turned away from taking part in their own fashion.

I still find a silver lining in this cloud-- its opportune to stir up well-deserved cognitive dissonance in the unsuspecting statist by questioning their "progressive" ideology, as to how in world does a city or township put up a quarter-million dollars worth of "ooohs" and "aahhhs" when there are still homeless and hungry people in the area-- have they eliminated those problems yet that there is ample taxpayer funds to go to waste?

I think that by taking this first step, you are getting the statist to agree with you, that there are priorities to be attended to before they dare incinerate your property taxes in splendid glory. This back door approach helps to uncondition the first rule of politics, which is to ignore the first rule of economics; the law of scarcity, that in general wants surpass means.

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