Tuesday, February 14, 2006

one bad policy deserves another

The interventionist solution to the eyesore of shortage queues created by the socialist medicine monster: Ban the line forming!


Anonymous said...

whatever, ideologue. they may as well ban the line forming at my capitalist health management organization doctor's office too. those jerks make me wait 90 minutes before i can see a doctor for a useless 8 minute, $350 check-up.

iceberg said...

whatever, non-sequitor. Your capitalist health medicine is also cartelized by none other than the holy state too. The line forming is just a tad more recognizable under a complete socialist system.

if not for the state, those 'jerks' would face stiffer competition, giving you a wider spread of good doctors to choose from, a shorter visiting time and rates that will approach the marginal cost of providing the service.