Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I never liked the term "mixed-economy". Now I've thought of a good reason to reject it-- it's a self-contradicting term.

Just as a woman cannot be both pregnant and fallow at the same time, it borders on oxymoronism to label this state of political anarchy with a term which implies a combination of individuals being both free and unfree.

Individuals residing within a geopolitical boundry are either existing freely or they are existing unfreely. To the extent that individuals are not regulated does not mean they are free, since freedom is an all or nothing condition (only in the negative sense of the term though).

To assert otherwise would be akin to mocking a ball-and-chain inmate that he is truly free since he is allowed to breath, eat, etc.

The only question I have is, given the quantum nature of the universe, are all contradictions entirely plausible? Mu.

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