Monday, May 01, 2006

escaping the state

If I had the use of a time traveling machine, I could imagine going to meet an earlier version of myself. I'm sure I would try to engage my past self why in the future I began to fervently hate the state and why I support abolishing it. I'm afraid to admit it, but I believe that my earlier self would dismiss my future self as imbalanced and insane. In short, I wouldn't know how to recreate the act of getting my past self to be understanding and sympathetic to my future self's views, even though I will know that it's entirely possible since it already has occurred once before.

Thinking back on my own "enlightenment", of how I broke through and cast off the shackles of the state from my mind and conscience, I would only like to extend this courtesy to my fellow human beings. The question I guess has always been how to accomplish this.

I've only heard of one major attack against this meme; cognitive dissonance. The hope is that if one constantly points out how the state acts immorally, that most people will wake up to this and finally realize what really irks us libertarians.

The only other idea I've heard so far is Vache Folle's "Re-education Camps", which admittedly sounds like a reasonable proposal, due to the fact that it will only be consistent with the morality of the people jailed inside it. Once the inmates transcend the enslaved morality of statism, they will be free to come and go as they please. This I believe is 100% compatible with libertarian ethics, which operates similarly in the regard of which we would be acting consistent to treat thieves and murderers with the same principles they espouse (i.e., using force or coercion to take back one's property or compensation.)

Other than that, I've only recently been cognizant of the parallel between statism and the history of African slavery while reading Thomas DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln. Now imagine yourself living 150 years ago. If you hold similar values to my own, you would probably support the Abolishment party's goal of ending slavery, although I couldn't tell you if I'd agree with the why this group were against slavery, the means they proposed to end it, and perhaps other political baggage that the group members supported.

Anecdotally, we find that many slaves themselves (colloquially, "uncle toms") inexplicably supported the very institution which oppressed them. I'm hoping that with a proper psychoanalysis of the many different individuals in America's history, we can begin to understand this desire to be enslaved.

Once before on this blog have I scoffed this mental illness as sadomasochism, but this in no way explains why it's the prevailing mentality, and more importantly, how it can be cured.

Listen, I'm all ears.

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Vache Folle said...

How about "statomasochism" as a new pathology?