Wednesday, March 02, 2005

CS Progress

Forgive me, for yet another update on a project I've been contributing my talents to; yes it's the Centerstage project. Now bkmarcus, before you yawn and delve back into Otto Matic, I just wanted to pass on a couple of announcements.

1. Centerstage's developers team are scheduled to be kicking out a rudimentary product in just a couple more days.

2. We've finalized on the GUI for that demo, going with Cosmo's overall GUI structure, schema and design.

3. The logo/splashscreen/icon is complete, thanks to DaxCS and Aykew's hard work.

4. We have a write-up in the shortly-expected MacUser's Magazine about our project.

5. will be featuring our project in a discussion of how Apple's Mac Mini has taken an unexpected foray into the living room, and its ramifications on possible partnerships with Tivo or Sony.

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