Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Happy Semiversary!

For those of us who celebrate the auspiciousness of certain calendar dates, they should hereby note that today, March 9th, 2005 is the semiversary of my marriage (and which if your'e mentally lazy, took place on September 9th, 2004.)

At first I was thinking of buying my wife a box of Godiva chocolates, and biting half from each piece of chocolate, to celebrate this half-year milestone in our marriage. But I had doubts; perhaps the correct way would be to buy a box of chocolates and consume half of them, and leave the other half intact. Or maybe, I should simply saw the box in half and hand that to her!

You can see where this is leading. Should I buy her a half-carat diamond earring pair, or do I give her a one-carat diamond earring now, and the matching piece in 6 months from now? Ok, I'm just kidding around; I'm too thrifty to purchase expensive, yet plentiful gemstones made of compressed carbon molecules at this point (a fine lesson in Calvinism, Utility Theory, Cartel Monopolization, Media Programming and Subjective Valuation).

In any case, I decided to buy tickets for comedian Jackie Mason's new Broadway show called "Freshly Squeezed", which debuted just last night. And needless to say, I got them less than half-price through TDF.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Semiversary bro! I just passed mine a month ago. Good choice on the gift!