Monday, March 28, 2005

Your Oxymoronic Gov't At Work

The Federal Communications Commission recently extended a deadline set for cable providers from 2006 to 2007; which going on forward they will be forbidden to offer "integrated set-top boxes" to their subscribers. All in the name of the holy grail of "consumer choice".

(Read more here at the thread which inspired this blog entry. You can also choose to ignore the freemarket-ignorant comments.)

If the irony isn't staring you in the face by now, I ask you how is the [non-existent constitutional] entitlement of "consumer choice" fulfilled when a government agency forbids a company from offering a choice to consumers!?

Of course there are those unscrupulous electronic manufacturers who are set to gain from this ban, which will no longer have to compete with cable providers to sell their digital set-top boxes (DVRs, PVRs, Navigation boxes.) So in short, the FCC's banning of cable providers from offering integrated set-top boxes will somehow lead to a more competitive market place and more "consumer choice", when several set-top box contenders have been restricted from joining that competition.

Wait, thats like fighting for peace and all that.

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