Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kelo is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg*

Now that my conspecifics (to borrow Vache Folle's endearing term for the unenlightened resident statists who control society) have been somewhat startled out of their quiescent stupor when it comes to all things "state", perhaps they will be more receptive to hear about, and hence be virulently opposed to an even less savory pronouncement as summed in this Yahoo! headline:

"Treasury Department Claims Power to Seize Gold, Silver--and Everything Else, GATA Says" (thanks to the mises.org blog for the heads-up)

Not that anti-statists of all stripes should be shocked to learn this; it's simply par for the statist course that in fact this law has been on the book for ages. As BKmarcus once sagely quipped:
What social contracts, implied consent, legal positivism (and probably most other statist positions) are masking is the statists' real core belief: eminent domain -- the State owns everything.
Linked beneath the Yahoo! article is a rather timid message from Chris Powell, the Secretary/Treasurer of GATA, in which he prostrates before the almighty state and kindly asks that the saintly congressmen repeal this bad piece of law.

Speaking of Kelo, did you hear that the city of New London, Conn. has sunk to a new low? They are now demanding tens of thousands in back rent from each of the victims of home theft. But hey, if my conspecifics are okay with the state owning the ultimate title to everything including life, set aside property, why should they be so alarmed?

I guess part and parcel of being anarchist-minded is the frustration of viewing societal conflicts without the detriment of horse-blinders, and I guess the truth really does hurt you. I humbly submit that I unfortunately agree with a rather angry sentiment expressed on a Catallarchy post which I suppose makes me more of a bolshe- than a menshe-libertarian. Not that it's a such a bad thing-- Vin Suprynowicz's Black Arrow makes this fantasy quite enticing.

* Coincidence or similarities of name are just that.

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