Thursday, August 25, 2005

Neologist's Fresh Coinage

Get them while they're still hard

humantropy |(h)yoō'məntrəpē|
noun Psychology
  • A dismal outlook on the state of human condition and the expectation for further entropic degradation ultimately leading to chaos in all human relationships.
  • The state marked by which one is suspicious of all others, and lives in a fearful, Orwellian-type world identified with statements to the like of: "the free market doesn't work because people are greedy and if you base a society on unbridled greed, health and happiness will not be the outcome"
  • The condition onset by disciples of the Aneristic Principle, whom suffering this illusion cannot appreciate the erisian lessons of discordianism, and will therefore be fearful from any activity not strictly regulated in the illusory cosmos enforced under government fiat.
ORIGIN human: late Middle English humaine, from Old French humain(e), from Latin humanus, from homo ‘man, human being.’
+ entropy: mid 19th cent.: from en- 2 [inside] + Greek tropē ‘transformation.’

USAGE: A victim of the pernicious humantropy meme suspects and distrusts everyone around him in society, leaving the victim with no true friends, and many questionable alliances.

sorostitute |sōräs'təˌt(y)oōt|
  • An addled beneficiary of mercantilism and political rent extraction, who whores his celebrite and prestige upon the admiration of his perceived wisdom to the social cause du jour, but usually to denounce economic capitalism.
ORIGIN soros: mid 19th cent.: modern Latin, from Greek sōros ‘heap’ describing the hoard of multibillionaire stock and commodities speculator George Soros
+ prostitute: mid 16th cent.(as a verb): from Latin prostitut- ‘exposed publicly, offered for sale,’ from the verb prostituere, from pro- ‘before’ + statuere ‘set up, place.’

USAGE: George Soros, Ted Turner, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet are often times the darling sorostitutes of the muckrakering media, used solely to lend credence to their anti-capitalistic stance with the prestige and support of those whom gained most from anything but a capitalistic system.

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